on june 21, 2015 the idea of the light meridian started privately at the privat muze’um L on the site zilverberg (roeselare #be) in presence of the heads of culture of the first involved cities in belgium: blankenberge (starting point in europe) and roeselare (information point) / on 01 I 2016 the city of palamós-spain (terminus point in europe) joined the idea of the project / the light meridian line will grow by the expanding list of municipalities which are located on the light meridian

a good starting point would be to create an ART INTERNATIONAL FUND, to which private and official members could join. so the idea can grow more efficiently. the presence of municipalities from the different countries on the light meridian would be greatly appreciated.
everybody is invited to completion.


the idea is based on a constantly growing project for years / the official go-ahead on July 21, 2016 at blankenberge #BE take place in cooperation with the cities roeselare #BE, palamós #ES and blankenberge #BE, which opened the light meridian art line festively on the lighthouse by firework and laser beams. (see video )


unesco’s representative of 2015 year of light / flemish minister of culture # BE / west flanders’ governor #BE / the mayor and cultural councillor of roeselare (hometown of the project)#BE / the mayors and their cultural councillors in belgium and spain of the cities of europe’s northern and southern terminus of the light-meridian / they joined enthusiastically the honorary committee, are the pioneers of the cultural project and committed themselves to involve other cities located on the line